Saturday, January 10, 2009

Harald, bonfire, stuff

A lot has been going on up here in New Hampshire.

I've been working on a wood stove to replace the one that doesn't work so well in my cabin at the moment. The stove that's currently in my cabin is too small to be able to fill with enough wood to last the night and to heat our largeish cabin. Someone always has to get up multiple times during the night to refill it just for us to have hot coals in the morning. The stove that we're working on is named Harald, because that's what it says on the front of the stove. I've worked on sanding it down, fastening the top down, and sawing metal pieces to put in the bottom so that we have an area under the fire to feed the entire fire with oxygen. It's been lots of fun.

Last night we had a bonfire beside the frozen lake, and it was awesome! A lot of the people here play instruments, so we had music going almost the entire time. In fact, we have lots of music going the majority of our free time. It's really awesome! Last night was so much fun. It was fairly cold out, and by fairly cold, I mean it was really cold, but we were dancing around and had a big fire going, so everything was really nice.

Everybody here is really nice. I really like Bre, we kinda started bonding on the bus ride back from airport, and now we live in the same cabin so we hang out alot. In fact, a group of girls are going shopping in Concord today to get some necessities. Thank you Nanny and Owen for the Dr. Bonner's soap, it's amazing! I was my long underwear in the shower with me whenever I shower (which is something like every 2-4 days). Since I have 2 pairs of long underwear, I wash one pair in the shower with, let it dry, and wear the other pair until I shower again. It's a really good system, and allows me to go longer without having to do laundry. I'm thinking of starting to do that with my socks too soon. My outer clothing gets a little dirty, but not really smelly, so I don't feel like I need to wash it as often as the clothing that's against my skin. Everybody here has basically decided that all of us smell, and we all wear the same clothing over and over again until it's really nasty, so it doesn't matter to us anymore.

I've gotten an invite to go on a weekend trip to Maine one weekend to visit some of Bre's friends and to just get to see Maine. I want to go to Vermont and visit the family that's living there, but I don't remember their names or have any of their contact info. It would be lovely if somebody, like my dad, would provide me with this information.

Not a whole lot else is going on, just the normal with orientation and winterizing people's homes yesterday. I promise I'll post pictures soon. Possibly tonight since I need to charge my camera.

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Paul said...

Stephanie, sounds great if cold. Washing clothes in the shower, a classic. Post some pictures! Dad