Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Days

I am now in Allenstown, NH. I flew in on Sunday afternoon, with both of my planes being delayed so that I had no layover whatsoever in ATL and I had to run to catch my second flight. But, I did meet Stephanie in the ATL airport before my flight. That was really nice, because then we met up once we landed and got our luggage together and were completely lost together. It was really nice.

I'm living in a cabin with 7 other girls, and it has electricity. Which basically means that we get lamps in our cabin, but still have to keep up with a woodstove. Unfortunately, the woodstove that we currently have in our cabin is really small, so we can't load it with enough wood to keep our cabin hot all night. But that means, that I have gotten to work on repairing another woodstove that's a lot bigger. We basically finished the woodstove tonight, but we still need to find some more metal pieces to put along the bottom as a type of grate thing so that we can provide air to the fire in a better way, as well as protecting to bottom of the stove from warping anymore that it currently has.

I really like everyone so far and I can pretty much remember everyone's names. There are 14 girls and 12 guys living here right along with 2 male and 2 female staff members.

This week is just orientation week, so we've been learning about how everything in camp works and what we're going to be doing. Today I learned assisted with removing the debris from a tree that fell on our field during the ice storm. And then I collected all of the small pieces of wood that were chopped from this tree and wheeled them up to my cabin so that my cabin can stay warm until we get the bigger woodstove. It's about a 5ish minute walk to the main cabin from my cabin, which isn't too bad. But it's mainly uphill. And learned today that it is really hard to wheel a wheelbarrow full of wood uphill. Especially when you don't have gloves on. At one point, I just abandoned the wheelbarrow in the middle of the road and walked to my cabin to get some gloves.

I'm going to take pictures this weekend of where I'm living, and I'll try to post them as soon as I can. It's like living in a winter wonderland here. Everything is covered in snow, there are no lights really, so you can look up and see the stars, when you can find an opening between all the trees that are around us. It's really pretty. I do get cell phone reception up here, and try to turn my phone on at night, although sometimes I forget. The one thing that I really want up here though, is one of those hats with the ear flaps or a hat that I can tie onto my head so that it doesn't fall off during the night like my current one is. Other than that, everything is going really well here. And it's getting close to my bed time (which is like 9 since I get up at 6:40 everymorning) so I'm going to go to bed. I'll try to post again soon.

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