Friday, October 30, 2009

I've made it through my 10 month internship and am in Oklahoma City with my parents for the time being. The last week in NH was lots of fun, filled with 3 days straight of cleaning everything in site including, the vans we used for 10 months, the lodge/office/bathrooms/kitchen, my summer cabin, my winter cabin, and the roofs of all of the winter cabins and summer cabins with new roofs. It was really sad to have to clean up everything and everywhere we'd lived for the last 10 months, but we made sure to make it so that the new people coming in in January would be happy with where they are now living. We even went on searches for pieces of wood to stock pile for them, like the people before us did. I do have to say that the best day ever was Commencement/my last night. Commencement was sad, of course, but we all got an NHCC '09 hat, a NH patch, and a letter that we'd written to ourselves at the very beginning of our internship. Then we had an awesome dinner, all the "other" people left, and the drinking began! The majority of us all stayed up until at 2am drinking, hanging out, and singing randomly together. It was amazing! And there are now pictures uploaded of at least my time at Umbagog, if not also my last night in NH.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've now officially completed all 4 of my hitches and only have a week left in New Hampshire, *tear*. But to update you on my last hitch. I was at Umbagog State Park in Errol, NH. It's really far north, and amazingly beautiful! When I get to OKC in just over a week I'll be posting lots of pictures, but I don't have time to do that now when I have so little time left here and very little time off during the day. The major highlights of this hitch:
*The Bull Moose Restaurant and Lounge, our local watering hole that was just under a mile walk from the campground that we were staying at. It was awesome!
*Abraham, Onyx, and Champ. The dogs of the guys who worked at the park and who were there whenever they're owners were there. It made laugh that much better
*Commuting to work sites on a pontoon boat, basically the best commute ever!
*Seeing moose!
*Seeing bald eagles!
*Red foxes!
*Fall colors on the lake
*Everybody getting together from all the crews for one big party down at White Lake State Park
*First snow of the year, and working in it
*Having to drive an hour in either direction to get any sort of cell phone reception
*Trumps, everywhere we went
*Heated cabins when it was really cold outside
So basically this hitch was awesome! And I would love to go back to that place, if I ever get the chance. Everybody was so nice and it was just so beautiful, and I was living on a lake for a month.

So now I'm in the middle of our rec trip, which is pretty fun so far. Today we hiked up a small mountain called Mt. Kearsarge and then went to a corn maze/ice cream place. That was pretty awesome. Tomorrow we're heading down to Lowell, MA to hang out for the day and Sat we're going to a rec center to play games inside.