Friday, January 16, 2009

The first major test of Herald

Last night the temperature got down to -21, and Herald worked beautifully. Of course, that was because we finally actually had people getting up during the night to make sure the fire kept going. So our cabin was about 50 this morning, which was kinda cold, but pretty freaking nice. It also helped that the comforter that my mom got for me came yesterday, so I was nice and toasty in bed.

Today, we went to the Massabesic Audobon center to learn about how to use Project Wet and Wild. It was really informative and I had a lot of fun. And I'm crazy glad that it's the weekend. I definitely need a break and more sleep. Mainly more sleep I think. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to Portsmouth to hang out and then Sun I'm going going to Andrews farm to do laundry and go sledding. I'm pretty excited!

It's off to watch V for Vendetta by the fire while it's 8 outside.

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