Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've now officially completed all 4 of my hitches and only have a week left in New Hampshire, *tear*. But to update you on my last hitch. I was at Umbagog State Park in Errol, NH. It's really far north, and amazingly beautiful! When I get to OKC in just over a week I'll be posting lots of pictures, but I don't have time to do that now when I have so little time left here and very little time off during the day. The major highlights of this hitch:
*The Bull Moose Restaurant and Lounge, our local watering hole that was just under a mile walk from the campground that we were staying at. It was awesome!
*Abraham, Onyx, and Champ. The dogs of the guys who worked at the park and who were there whenever they're owners were there. It made laugh that much better
*Commuting to work sites on a pontoon boat, basically the best commute ever!
*Seeing moose!
*Seeing bald eagles!
*Red foxes!
*Fall colors on the lake
*Everybody getting together from all the crews for one big party down at White Lake State Park
*First snow of the year, and working in it
*Having to drive an hour in either direction to get any sort of cell phone reception
*Trumps, everywhere we went
*Heated cabins when it was really cold outside
So basically this hitch was awesome! And I would love to go back to that place, if I ever get the chance. Everybody was so nice and it was just so beautiful, and I was living on a lake for a month.

So now I'm in the middle of our rec trip, which is pretty fun so far. Today we hiked up a small mountain called Mt. Kearsarge and then went to a corn maze/ice cream place. That was pretty awesome. Tomorrow we're heading down to Lowell, MA to hang out for the day and Sat we're going to a rec center to play games inside.

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Your last hitch sounds totally awesome.