Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just got done with my first 8 straight days of my third hitch, and so far we've worked in two different sites, one in Concord and one in Wilton (Heald Forest). It's been tons of fun. We've built two bridges, did one trail reroute, and fixed another bridge. Some major hightlights of the past eight days:
*Temperature drops the first night in Heald
*Swimming in our underwear in the Connecticut River during our lunch break
*Jumping stones to get across the river while we were building the bridge in Heald
*My first backcountry camping experience, and all that entails
*Jim falling off the bridge and into the water, because we sat on the edge of boards that weren't nailed in
*Flying the stringers for the bridge, which were old telephone poles
*Watching a group of runners come through with 5 dogs, and watching the dogs try to decide whether to use the stones to cross of to just jump in the water
*Getting dumped on Saturday, and having to still cross the river with no bridge, when a lot of our rocks were underwater
*Working 8 days straight, and then getting 2 days off for all of our hard work.

I'm going to work on putting pictures up from the first week, so check them out!

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