Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm now on my summer break for 9 days in Oklahoma City. It's a whole lot hotter here than it is in NH, but my parents house is awesome and the lake makes everything better. Some of the highlights from my month in Pawtuckaway are:
*Eating dinner in the van because the bugs were so bad
*Renegade, our friendly skunk walking through our campsite at random times of the night
*Finding out that you can't effectively paint when it's really humid
*Finding out we had the wrong color paint, and the new paint takes a solid 2+ coats to cover anything
*Dinner at the beach on the lake
*Running into the water when we knew it was getting ready to storm and then having to get out 2 minutes later when the lifeguard realized it was thundering
*Belting out random 90's songs with the radio very off key

After this hitch, I found out that I'm going to be co-leading one of the next hitches, which is really exciting. Especially since I just applied to lead in the high school program through SCA for the summer. For that position, I would lead with another person 6-8 high school students for about a month at a time. That would be pretty fun, I think, and I finally got everything done with my application. But now off to lunch with mom and Nicole then looking at floors for the house.

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I really enjoyed getting to meet you in Oklahoma.

Dave Z.