Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alot has happened since the last time I posted. I cut my hair really short, kept it that way for a week, then shaved it all off for St. Baldrick's. I've also been out camping for the past two weeks. The first week, we were camping at Charlestowne, NH where SCA headquarters in located. Then this past week we camped in Greenfield State Park in NH and worked on cleaning up campsites from the ice storm in December, before all of the campers arrived Friday. We were still working on cleaning up campsites when campers started arriving Friday morning, but we managed to get all 252 sites cleaned up enough for people to camp on them. It was pretty impressive. I spent 12+ hours raking trying to clean up the campsites, and to have them up to the fire codes (clear out 8ft from all fire rings in all the sites). It was lots of fun, and I loved camping with no hair, because it makes your mornings go so much faster. Plus, people can't tell whether or not you've showered recently, so I looked cleaner than most people, even though I didn't shower until the morning after we got back. For our next hitch, I'm going to located at Bear Brook, so I get to stay in my own cabin for the majority of the time, unless they're working on the roof of my cabin, which I hope will happen.

I'm attempting to upload more pictures to facebook from the past month, but it's going very slowly. I might go to the library tomorrow to upload a bunch of pictures, but we'll just have to see how I'm feeling. I currently have about 10 pictures up, but working on more.

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