Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School systems are really funny. Today, my boss called one of our schools to see if our kids had choir practice today, which they didn't because it's on Mondays and not on Wednesdays. But, they did feel like they should inform us that there will be no school on Thursday or Friday this week due to extreme temperatures, and they're inability to properly heat the schools. Or something along those lines. But, since they decided to cancel school on such short notice, they weren't going to be sending home letters to the parents. Luckily, some of the teachers hand wrote letters to send home with all of their kids. But we spent the afternoon calling all the parents, telling them school was cancelled for the next two days and asking if they needed us to be open for them for the two days. I guess this is Oklahoma for you. Cancel school if the temperatures are going to drop below 10. It's predicted that we're not supposed to go above 20 until at least Saturday, and then I think it's only supposed to be 20. It's going to be a fun rest of the week!

Oh yeah, and I got to dress up and act like a donkey at work today. Perks of working with kids, I guess.

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